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Employee of the Month Winners – June 2021

At IP Homecare we always hear about inspirational individuals who have gone above the call of duty to deliver care. The difference our staff make to the lives of our customers deserves recognition and one way that we do this is through our employee of the month program. It’s a wonderful opportunity to thank you all and to encourage each and every one of you to reach your full potential so that together we can achieve the very best care possible.

We are very proud of all of our staff especially in these unprecedented times and we are delighted to announce that this month’s employee of the month is awarded to the following individuals:


Willian Tankard


William Tankard
Live-in Carer

We are delighted to award William our coveted ‘Live-in Carer of the Month award’. We have received a double nomination for William this month.

The first nomination came from his customer who would like William to be recognised for all the care and support he has provided over the last year which has been under exceptional circumstances. We also received another from Jade, his Field Care Supervisor singing William’s praises as his customer has shown a noticeable improvement in his customer’s heatlh and well being since William has been his live in carer.

Well done William!


Sophie Robinson


Sophie Robinson
Community Carer

This month, we would like to award Sophie our ‘Community Carer of the Month‘ award. Sophie is one of our fabulous community carers who always goes above and beyond the call of duty and ensures that the care provided is carried out to a very high standard. Sophie has won carer of the month for the dedication to her role and complete professionalism.

Recently, Sophie has been in a delicate situation and the feedback we received was how very caring and compassionate she was. We are proud to give you this award.

Well done Sophie!



Alexis RiddleAlexis Riddle

As a team we would love to award Alexis our ‘Support Colleague of the month’.We would like to recognise the super hard work she’s put in over the last month as Alexis has been holding the fort entirely on her own. Her dedication and hard work has been truly outstanding and not gone unoticed.

As a team, we’ve signed off 15 candidates this month (the most we’ve had)) and that simply would not have been possible without her consistent high-quality work. Alexis is more than happy to work outside of working hours for some of the candidates to resolve ongoing issues and has gone above and beyond the line of duty. She’s run the show single handed for a month straight and hasn’t once expressed any discomfort with doing so.. and always has a smile on her face regardless of the day she’s having!

We’d love to see Alexis get the credit she deserves this month, and we feel like there’d be no-one else more deserving.  Well done Alexis!