A professional live-in care service

It is important to us that the management team from the office make calls to speak to the the many people who use our services about their satisfaction with the good living in care provided. We also perform spot checks, which are an announced inspection visit to the home to make sure that the standards are the highest they can be and this report is signed by the person being cared for. In addition, we send out both staff and customer surveys to ask about the quality and satisfaction with the service provided.

At any time a review of a person’s care needs can be requested and their care plan updated, this is automatically done when we see changes. At all times people are fully involved in planning their care and making decisions about the care being provided for them. The care plan is often discussed with people’s relatives when making joint decisions in the best interest of people being cared for and consent is sought for this.

Full notes about the care provided are kept in an accessible folder in the home which the customer or their family can review at any time. This folder also has the full care plan along with rich background information which details previous and current hobbies and interests that provides a source of stimulation, good conversation and interesting activities. The folder can also hold a number of other materials, from detailed information sheets and gentle exercise to more clinical forms which can record food and fluid intake along with full risk assessments and complete medical and family contact details for emergencies.

As a care-giving organisation, we are routinely checked through unannounced visits to make sure our customers  and their families are receiving the support from us that they need and deserve.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is tasked with making these checks – talking to staff, patients and visitors and observing how we conduct ourselves in our daily work.


 Findings from the Care Quality Commission


Care and Support was well co-ordinated and there were regular reviews

Care Quality Commission