A professional live-in care agency

It is important to us that the management team from the office make calls to speak to the the many people who use our services about their satisfaction with the good living in carers provided. We can also perform spot checks when asked, which are an announced inspection visit to the home to make sure that the standards are the highest they can be. In addition, we seek out both carer and customer feedback to ask about the quality and satisfaction with the service provided.

At any time you can tell us that your care needs have changed and update your care profile to help make sure you hire the right carer. At all times people are fully in control of planning and directing their care and making their own decisions about the care being provided for them. You employ directly the carer you choose and you are in the driving seat. Your care should be discussed with your relatives and in particular when making joint decisions in the best interest of people being cared for.

We recommend that notes about the care provided by your own carer are kept in an accessible folder in the home which the customer or their family can review at any time. You may want this  folder to have your full care profile inside along with any rich background information which details previous and current hobbies and interests that provides a source of stimulation, good conversation and interesting activities. The folder may also hold a number of other materials, from detailed information sheets and gentle exercise to more clinical forms which can record food and fluid intakes along with complete medical and family contact details for emergencies. Having this folder is completely your choice, you do not have to do this as it is you who decides exactly how you would like your care to be organised

You are in the driving seat and the arrangements you come to with your privately employed carer are entirely up to you, we will not manage or make decisions on your behalf about your care, it truely is person controlled.