Living with Down Syndrome can be challenging, with many children receiving care and support from their parents and social care professionals. However, when it comes to adults living with Down Syndrome, everyday tasks can become difficult without additional help. This is particularly true if the individual has decided to live on their own.

Ivy Palmer offers carer support for adults living with Down Syndrome. We believe that carers for Down Syndrome should have the skills, the patience and, crucially, the time to get to know those they care for to be able to deliver valued and personalised care.

Down Syndrome carers can help you

Every parent worries about how their children will cope when they are gone, but this is of particular concern if your child is living with Down Syndrome, as they will lose what is often their primary source of support. But there are many Down Syndrome care options available to those who are looking to leave their family home.

When it comes to living arrangements, some will prefer to claim a place within a housing association. Others, however, may feel ready to move out independently and join the wider community. Although this route can be extremely liberating and enriching, adjusting to a new lifestyle can be challenging for all parties, so at this stage, those caring for someone with Down Syndrome will often enquire about supported living.

Live-in carers for Down Syndrome

Live-in carers for Down Syndrome customers should provide good quality care that has been specifically tailored to the individual’s needs. We understand how Down Syndrome affects a person physically and mentally, which is why our focus is to provide appropriate support whilst encouraging independence. Read all about how we did this with James, a Live-in Care Down Syndrome Care Study here.

An experienced live-in carer can assist with all kinds of everyday tasks. They’re on hand to help with cleaning, cooking, laundry and household jobs that can be difficult for those with delayed development. However, they’ll also lend invaluable social and emotional support that will help your loved one improve their communication skills, make more informed choices, and help them truly live their life to the fullest.

Find Down Syndrome home care today

We understand that finding support for adults with Down Syndrome can be hard, which is why our friendly team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding our Down Syndrome carer matching services.

If you’re looking to arrange live-in care for a loved one living with Down Syndrome, the first step is to contact us to arrange a conversation. From here, we’ll be able to provide you with recommendations. We appreciate that every single one of our customers will require different levels of support, and we factor this into our care-matching strategy.

Speak to a member of our team today and discuss the best way forward. You can reach us on 0330 053 5014.