One of my happiest memories, is seeing Mum being able to attend my wedding, something that was not a certainty for such a long time”

Mum had always been active and cheerful, even after Dad very sadly passed away. You see, she had many warm memories of travelling to distant destinations with him in their earlier retirement. As Mum carried on, living on her own for well over twenty years, her health slowly declined and her blood pressure and heart became a problem. She lost her sight in one eye completely after a stroke and her confidence along with it. This was a very great loss for many reasons but particularly as she loved reading so very much. She then did less and less with every passing day.

She then had one fall too many after she was sent home too early by the hospital. She had fractured her left hip and due to her heart condition and low fitness levels, an operation was not possible. The family were devastated, as she was in terrible constant pain and was unable to bear any weight on her hip. She was given very strong pain killers and an OT helped her adapt her home so that she could mobilise around her house. She had every adaption possible, a stair lift, bed rails and a hoist, but she still couldn’t put weight on her leg and Mum thought she would never walk outside in the sun again.

I was extremely worried about her physical and mental health and realised we needed professional help. A friend recommended I call you. After assessing Mum, Carers started to help Pat regularly. They ensured Mum was well cared for, her appointments were kept and her personal hygiene standards remained high.

Slowly, and with encouragement from her carers, Mum could do more and more for herself. They were there to help whenever needed but Mum discovered she could do more for herself than she ever thought possible. Her confidence slowly improved along with her happiness and willingness to trust her carers to keep her safe. At first they practiced moving around the house daily and her fitness improved. Then came summer. They thought that it would have been a shame for her to have not to have gone in the garden and felt the sun on her face. Mum agreed and began walking in the garden daily, further and further each day, eventually all the way to the end and back. It was then she started on the front door!

By Christmas, Mum could walk, albeit slowly, all the way to the local corner shop. After another month the end of the street was possible and by spring she was walking with the carer all the way around the block and visiting friends and neighbours. Her fitness had improved with all her walking and she was definitely stronger. The surgeon agreed and after many tests and checks Mum successfully had a hip replacement procedure and was finally pain free! One of the happiest memories I will cherish is the sight of seeing Mum walk down the church aisle at our wedding. Her carers were actually there too but not helping nearly as much, in fact she was walking independently with nothing but a walking frame and a smile… all thanks to you.

The joy that Pat’s story brought everyone here was profound. That’s what we want for everyone. We want you to do the very best you are able to do and in our experience that’s much more than you might think.