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Explaining dementia to a child

Having a friend or family member who is living with dementia is difficult, and everyone will have their own way of dealing with those diagnosed with it. Coping with a dementia diagnosis or finding out someone close to you has dementia is distressing – even for the most thick-skinned individuals. Explaining dementia to a child […]

Supporting students with disabilities

Can you get support at university? Having a disability doesn’t need to be a barrier if you want to go to university. Whether you need support with cleaning and cooking, getting to and from lectures or just need some help taking notes, there is an abundance of support you can access. Can I get access […]

What is sundowner’s syndrome?

Sundowner’s syndrome, or sundowning, is a type of confusion that can happen in the late afternoon and evening. It can affect people living with early on-set Alzheimer’s or Dementia, but can affect the elderly recovering from surgery in hospitals or in unfamiliar environments. Sunset is typically a time where people go through the transition after […]

What are the signs of a stroke?

We are saddened to hear our former deputy prime minister John Prescott is in hospital after suffering a stroke. Knowing the signs of a stroke is vital for ensuring you’re able to react quickly and appropriately should you spot them in someone. When you have a stroke, your brain isn’t getting the blood it needs. […]

The Stroke Assembly 2019

Are you supporting a stroke survivor? Then come along to the UK Stroke Assembly at the Radisson Blu Hotel at East Midlands Airport on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd July. It’s a perfect opportunity to bring together stroke survivors and carers to talk about the things that matter to them. Providing a forum to share […]

Concerned Dad is showing signs of Dementia?

Did visiting Dad on Father’s Day make you worry they are showing signs of Dementia? As our society changes and families become even more distant than before, we leave larger amounts of time between visits, missing the opportunity to constantly check-in on our loved ones. This results in a higher number of people calling with […]

The Alzheimer’s Show 2019

Diagnosed with Dementia? If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with Dementia then don’t forget to come along to the Alzheimer’s show on Friday 7th and Sat 8th June at the Olympia Exhibition centre in London. Get your questions answered by experienced carers and specialist professionals, in a friendly and relaxed environment. […]

8 Benefits of Home Care for the Elderly

If you’re in the process of deciding between residential care and finding a live-in carer for your loved one, read on to find out eight benefits of home care for the elderly in their own homes. 8 advantages of home care It’s better at homeYour home is a warm place, filled with rich memories, photos […]