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What to Do if You’re Diagnosed with Dementia

When someone is diagnosed with Dementia, there are a number of ways in which they can react. Taking in the news and then processing it can take its toll, both mentally and physically, leaving the individual feeling drained and unsure about their next steps. This reaction can also be influenced by the person’s previous experiences, […]

Christmas gift ideas for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Christmas time can be a difficult time for families with a loved one living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. However, searching for the perfect Christmas gift for Alzheimer’s and Dementia doesn’t have to be difficult. At IP Homecare, we have years of experience caring for someone living with Dementia. To give you a helping hand we […]

Winter tips for the Elderly

Did you know each winter, one older person dies every 7 minutes from the cold? As a leading care in the home agency we understand the biggest problem for many of our elderly customers is not managing to stay warm enough in their homes. When the temperature drops, older people run a higher risk of health problems […]

How private care can help with hospital discharge

Did you know last winter our NHS came under immense pressure with then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt admitting it was “probably the worst ever”. Accident and emergency services are as busy as ever, predominantly due to the growing and complex needs of our ageing population. One of the ‘bottle necks’ being securing elderly patients the […]

The Benefits of Live-in Care

Still considering Live-in care? Want to know more about the benefits of Live-in Care? Then read our 8 key benefits below: Live-in Care Benefits It’s better at home Your home is a warm place, filled with rich memories, photos and belongings collected over a lifetime. It is familiar and private. Your routines and food are […]

Are you a member of the sandwich generation?

Do you care for elderly parents and children? If you’re feeling the pressure of looking after your children and your elderly parents, you’re not alone.  Did you know, around 2.4 million people are part of what’s known as the “sandwich generation”. A generation of people in their 30s or 40s who now care for their […]

How to plan your discharge from hospital

Visiting a loved one in hospital can be traumatic and stressful. But knowing what needs to happen at the point of discharge can be equally challenging. We can help you when it comes to effective discharge planning. Here we will advise on how a discharge care plan is created and answer all your questions about […]

7 simple steps to reduce risk of falls

Anyone can have a fall, but as we become older we all become more  at risk. In fact, around one in three people over 65 who live at home will have at least one fall this year. About half of these will have more frequent falls too. Of course, there’s always the risk of broken […]

How to explain dementia to a child

Having a friend or family member who is living with dementia is difficult, and everyone will have their own way of dealing with those diagnosed with it. Coping with a dementia diagnosis or finding out someone close to you has dementia is distressing – even for the most thick-skinned individuals. Explaining a dementia diagnosis to […]

Live In Care or Care Home

How does Live In Care compare to care homes? Did you know according to AGE UK by our late eighties, one in three of us will have difficulties undertaking five or more tasks of daily living unaided? We all know we are an ageing population and the number of older people aged eighty five and […]