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How to Support Someone With a Learning Disability

According to research carried out by the NHS, there are more than one million people living with a learning disability in the UK. There are many different types of learning disabilities, and each person is unique, but there are some practical tips to bear in mind when it comes to caring for someone who may […]

Do You Require Urgent Care?

Urgent Care Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, urgent care is required immediately. Did you know IP Homecare operates a fast-response urgent care service to ensure that a trained, highly experienced live-in carer can be with you within 24 hours if the need arises? Find out more about our emergency home care services today. Reasons why urgent […]

Concerned Dad is showing signs of Dementia?

Did visiting Dad make you worry they are showing signs of Dementia? As our society changes and families become even more distant than before, we leave larger amounts of time between visits, missing the opportunity to constantly check-in on our loved ones. This results in a higher number of people calling with concerns about the […]

Elderly Care After Hospital Discharge

If your loved one is due to be released from hospital, you may be wondering what follow-up care after hospital discharge involves. It’s important to make sure that the right support is in place after discharge from hospital, not only so that the transition from hospital to full-time care is as smooth as possible, but […]

Tips to keep older people cool this summer

As the weather heats up – did you know older people need to be more careful of overheating and heat stroke because their bodies can’t adjust to high temperatures as well as younger people can? Being hydrated is also extremely important for certain medications to work properly. Older people are more vulnerable in the hot […]

What Does a Live-in Carer Do?

If you’re considering care options for yourself or a loved one, you may have come across the term ‘live-in care’ – but what is live-in care? And what does a live-in carer do? At the centre of the live-in carer job description is enabling individuals who require care to continue enjoying a comfortable, safe and […]

How Can Live-in Care Support the NHS?

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increase in Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) contacting nursing and residential homes in order to free up hospital beds. These homes are being asked to provide extra capacity as the NHS ramps up discharge from hospital for elderly people. At IP Homecare, we want people to know that […]

Activities for the elderly during Coronavirus

Coronavirus has had a big impact on how we should care for and help the elderly at home. During this social isolation period, it is particularly important that caregivers keep elderly loved ones safe at home.  To help those caring for their loved ones we’ve compiled a list of activities to help keep the mind […]

Live-in Care and the Coronavirus Outbreak

As the country prepares itself for the widespread impact of COVID-19 (more commonly referred to as Coronavirus), our attention is turned towards people aged 70 or over who are the group most at risk of serious illness. It is understandably a worrying time for anyone with a loved one who falls into this category, particularly […]