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Making a Dementia Memory Box

Many of us have old boxes stored away that are full of memories from our past. Whether it’s mementos from a favourite holiday, photographs from when we were young or a keepsake from a significant other, these boxes act as a way for us to revisit times gone by whenever we feel like reminiscing. For […]

Indoor Activities for People with Dementia

With the changeable weather in August, one day a heatwave and then another a thunderstorm, they can also result in a lot of boring days cooped up inside. And for those living with Dementia, these weather conditions can exacerbate feelings of confusion, disorientation and fright (especially if your loved one is upset by storms). Rainy […]

Supporting Students with Disabilities at University

Can you get support at university? Having a disability doesn’t need to be a barrier if you want to go to university. Whether you need support with cleaning and cooking, getting to and from lectures or just need some help taking notes, there is an abundance of support you can access. Can I get access […]

How to Support Someone With a Learning Disability

According to research carried out by the NHS, there are more than one million people living with a learning disability in the UK. There are many different types of learning disabilities, and each person is unique, but there are some practical tips to bear in mind when it comes to caring for someone who may […]

Do You Require Urgent Care?

Urgent Care Life is unpredictable. Sometimes, urgent care is required immediately. Did you know IP Homecare operates a fast-response urgent care service to ensure that a trained, highly experienced live-in carer can be with you within 24 hours if the need arises? Find out more about our emergency home care services today. Reasons why urgent […]

Concerned Dad is showing signs of Dementia?

Did visiting Dad make you worry they are showing signs of Dementia? As our society changes and families become even more distant than before, we leave larger amounts of time between visits, missing the opportunity to constantly check-in on our loved ones. This results in a higher number of people calling with concerns about the […]

Elderly Care After Hospital Discharge

If your loved one is due to be released from hospital, you may be wondering what follow-up care after hospital discharge involves. It’s important to make sure that the right support is in place after discharge from hospital, not only so that the transition from hospital to full-time care is as smooth as possible, but […]