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IP Homecare Staff Help Find Missing Person

Last week, Senior Carer Hayley O’Neale  at IP Homecare, Chelmsford was surprised to come across an extremely confused and distressed elderly woman called Betty, whilst on her way to work. Concerned for Betty’s welfare, Hayley’s caring instincts kicked in and she made the decision to take Betty into the IP Homecare office. Hayley said:

“When I found Betty, it became apparent that she was lost and confused. After giving her name, address and phone number, she said she had travelled from Tottenham and was looking for a certain road.”

“I took her into the office to make sure she was okay. Betty was carrying her washing with her, so we put it into a bag and settled her down with some tea and biscuits. After speaking to her,  she told us she had left her house at 5:30 AM because she didn’t like it there, and had been walking the streets since.”

After discussing the situation with other colleagues, Hayley decided to phone social services and the local care homes in order to find out if anyone knew Betty. Unfortunately, no one knew of Betty, so Hayley rang the local constabulary. Hayley was then informed by the police said that they had received missing persons report for Betty at 4:30 that morning.

Ten minutes after calling, the police arrived at IP Homecare to take Betty home, and gave Hayley her the daughter’s contact number. Once Betty was safely with the police, Hayley called Betty’s daughter to let her know what had happened. Naturally, Betty’s daughter was very upset to hear of the incident,  but was ultimately grateful to learn that Betty was safe. This was when the carers had learned that Betty is living with Dementia, and because of this, no longer recognises her husband. Because of this, Betty will often ask her daughter to get rid of her husband, or will leave her house unaccompanied as she doesn’t understand who he is anymore. However, Betty still talks about her husband so lovingly.

What is Dementia? 

Dementia is a complex degenerative brain disease that affects over 850,000 people in the UK. It is thought that dementia affects 61% of women and 39% of men. Common symptoms of dementia often manifest themselves in memory loss, poor judgement and increased disorientation to time and place. Those in the late stages of dementia will require live-in care and specialist dementia care.

After getting Betty safely home, Social services called back and promised to arrange a care assessment to provide a care package to suit Betty’s requirements.

Sue Rose, Registered Manager of IP Homecare commented “I am so very proud of all of my team, they always go above and beyond the call of duty!”

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