Cerebral Palsy, often abbreviated to CP, is a neurological disorder that affects muscular control in various parts of the body. It can lead to impaired mobility, difficulty with speech, and a reduced ability to look after one’s every day needs.

The good news is that CP is non-progressive, which means that it will never get any worse. However, as children with the condition grow up and desire an independent life away from their parents, or as older sufferers find themselves living alone, a live in carer who specialises in supporting those with Cerebral Palsy can provide valuable assistance.

Home Care for People with Cerebral Palsy

Some effects of Cerebral Palsy can have a substantial impact on the individual’s quality of life. Along with mobility problems, the person may experience premature ageing, issues with swallowing, and an array of mental health conditions. Also common is post-impairment syndrome, which causes a combination of chronic pain, excessive tiredness, muscular weakness, bone deformities and repetitive strain injuries. Clearly, all of these can make independent living a challenge – and this is where our live in carers can step in.

Their core responsibility is to provide physical assistance to those with Cerebral Palsy. A live in carer will often help them with tasks such as cooking, cleaning, washing and all aspects of self-care. They are on hand to carry out the weekly shop, pick up any necessary medication, and even attend hospital appointments or social events with their customer.

Customers feel more comfortable, confident and secure when there’s an extra pair of hands around the home. Our warm, compassionate staff also provide constant companionship, which quickly quells any feelings of isolation. We’ve found that most of our live in carers develop close relationships with the people they work with, which is great for the emotional wellbeing of the customer (and it makes our carers feel great about their role, too!).

When you choose to work with Independent People Homecare, we’ll put together a tailored live in care plan for the individual with Cerebral Palsy that will meet all of their needs. We’ll look at the person’s living arrangements, assess their existing support network, and work closely with any other health professionals, including GPs, physiotherapists, hospital workers and speech therapists. After all, it’s vital that everyone is united in working towards delivering the best possible care.

Reaching out for more information about our live in care services is easy. Call us today on 0800 471 4741 to discuss live in care for a loved one with Cerebral Palsy.