Rest assured all your carers are rigorously police checked. They also go through a strict interview, vetting and selection process before they even become an official carer on the network of Ivy Palmer Homecare.

In addition to calling you regularly, we can carry out unannounced spot checks if you should wish, to ensure your carer is providing the highest possible standard of care to our customers. We also ensure that regular carer feedback is sought from those being cared for and their families for comments.

Your carer would be happy to cook proper meals for you, as most customers want food to be cooked using fresh ingredients. This offers the best nutritional value from food and often is a good opportunity to involve those they look after in activities that support their independence as well as giving good mental stimulation too, as people are often very engaged in making choices about the things that they do and the things they eat.

In fact your Carer should be happy doing everything in the home that is needed, this includes washing, ironing and hoovering and of course, all personal care too.

They will often work with a family for long periods and around three or four weeks at a time or even much longer is not uncommon. We are very keen to have the same carers look after your relatives as much as possible so that they get to know all about them.

You will be shown profiles of your carers before you agree to proceed with them and if you have any further questions then please speak to us. Your live in carer should fit well within the home and we sincerly hope that they become trusted experts that have your complete condfidence.