The term ‘learning disabilities’ refers to a wide spectrum of issues, but generally, a person with this type of disability will have cognitive ability that is much lower than average.

We all gain independence by learning various lessons throughout our childhood and into early adulthood, but for those with a more severe learning disability such as autism, many vital skills are never mastered. From an inability to cook, to not being able to manage paperwork and bills at home, the problems associated with learning disorders are as wide and varied as the personalities of those who suffer.

This can make it difficult for them to fully integrate into society and they may have trouble looking after themselves. If it’s becoming clear that your friend or family member is struggling to get by on their own, we would recommend contacting an agency that provides live in care for learning disabilities.

Home Care for Customers with Learning Disabilities

Home care is a desirable option for those with learning disabilities. Regardless of their age or the severity of their condition, they will receive the support they need on a daily basis, without having to give up any of their home comforts.

Our live in carers will be guided by a fully-tailored care plan, which will be developed by our team after an initial site visit. The aim of this care strategy is always to encourage maximum independence whilst ensuring that the customer feels safe, secure and fully comfortable with their surroundings as they enjoy a full and varied life.

Our live in carers quickly learn the strengths and weaknesses of their customers to provide comprehensive care that will enable them to live independently. it’s the responsibility of our team to ensure that the individual’s physical and emotional needs are met, and naturally, this can involve carrying out a wide range of tasks. Live in carers may assist with cooking, cleaning and laundry; they may do the weekly grocery shop, or they may attend appointments and events with their customers. Ultimately, our live in carers will become a real friend to the customer. They’ll aim to involve the customer in as many different activities as possible to keep them engaged and ensure they are in control of their routine; this is especially important for customers who feel more secure knowing what they have planned for the day ahead.

Live in care for those with learning disabilities offers an effective and highly cost-efficient way to ensure that your loved one is well looked after. As well as offering around-the-clock care packages, Independent People Homecare also offers a short-term respite service which enables primary carers to take a little time out for themselves. We can be as flexible as you need us to be.

We’d love to speak to you about your care arrangements. Call us on 0800 471 4741 to discuss our live in care services for those with learning disabilities.