Why have we been awarded a poor rating?

2020 was a very challenging year for us all. The coronavirus pandemic has brought challenges and great tragedy to many people, not only in the UK but throughout the whole world. During the pandemic, we had to change the way our service operated. We restricted all in person visits to customers’ homes by our Field Care Supervisors to minimise social contacts and reduce the risk of coronavirus spreading. We also moved the majority of our training online for our staff so that they were not coming to our office – again to reduce disease transmission. As an infection control measure this strategy worked extremely well and we had a stunningly low number of Coronavirus cases. In fact, we did not have any cases in our Live-in Care service at all.

Unfortunately the consequences of this strategy and the extra pressures placed upon our service has resulted in a drop in our measured standards during this time. After inspection, the Care Quality Commission agreed that our service standards had dropped and after 10 years of always being rated ‘Good’ they rated our service ‘inadequate’.

How are we going to resolve this?

Under their guidance, our Field Care Supervisors have resumed face-to- face visits to customers’ homes to ensure that everyone is receiving the highest quality of care and support. This is the biggest factor that will bring our rating back to being good. We have also brought our training back inhouse and reviewed our telephone answering service to make it easier to reach the team.

We have also recruited extra office personnel together with the appointment of additional Field Care Supervisors as our “eyes on” and “hands on” approach. I give you my assurances that we have a plan and a vision that will take our service back to good and then onto outstanding in all aspects.

Please do call me if you have any questions. I personally assure you that we have already made many changes and you will also see other changes over the next short time period too and we are happy to say that will be inspected again within six months. At that time, our service will be back to being officially good but, in the meantime, I assure you we have reinstated our normal service.

In the meantime, please take a look at our customer satisfaction survey which was sent out in October 2020 to all our customers. This looked at the services offered by Independent People Homecare. The results were extremely positive and can be viewed here.


Simon McLean

Associate Director of Operations

View the latest Care Quality Commission report here