Caring for a loved one with dementia presents unique challenges, but incorporating tools designed to support their day-to-day life can make a significant difference. 

Among these tools, a dementia daily planner stands out as a vital resource. It serves not just as a memory aid for patients to recall their daily activities and keep a daily routine. 

Free Dementia Daily Planner

To support individuals living with dementia and their live-in carers, we have created an activity calendar for dementia patients. This valuable tool can be easily accessed by filling in your contact details below and we will email you the Dementia Planner.


    How to Use a Dementia Planner

    Using our dementia planner is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring that both individuals and carers can make the most of this tool. Here’s how to get started:

    1. Download and Print

    The first step is to download the planner from above and print it. It is designed to be A3 size to ensure the icons are large and clear enough for elderly individuals to easily identify them.

    2. Placement

    Once printed, place the calendar on the wall in a location that is easily visible. This could be in a common area of the home or any place where an individual spends a significant amount of time. Consider having one placed upstairs and another downstairs if the home has multiple levels.

    3. Organise Daily Activities

    The planner includes cut-out daily activities which can be placed at each time of day, helping the dementia patient understand and follow their daily routine.

    4. Laminate for Durability

    To ensure the planner withstands daily use and prevents any tearing, it is advisable to laminate the sheet. This step helps maintain the planner’s integrity over time, making it a durable part of the daily routine.

    Advantages of a Dementia Planner

    Implementing a dementia planner into the daily life of someone living with dementia brings numerous benefits. Here are just a few:

    • Reduces Time Spent Planning

    The dementia planner simplifies daily life by removing the need to constantly plan and decide on activities. This eliminates guesswork and frees up valuable time that can be invested in engaging and enjoyable pursuits. Caregivers and patients can focus on creating cherished moments rather than grappling with daily scheduling.

    • Enhances Understanding of Daily Routine

    For dementia patients, maintaining a sense of time and order can be challenging. The dementia planner acts as a visual guide, helping patients comprehend their daily schedule. This clear structure significantly reduces the likelihood of confusion and disorientation, making each day more predictable and less stressful.

    • Promotes Independence in Personal Care 

    Encouraging dementia patients to perform routine personal care tasks like washing and grooming is vital for their well-being. The dementia planner prompts patients to remember these activities, fostering a sense of independence. It empowers individuals to engage in self-care, enhancing their autonomy and self-esteem.

    • Fosters Independence

    With the dementia planner’s assistance, patients gain a valuable sense of control over their day. Its structured layout enables them to navigate daily tasks using the best calendar for dementia with minimal assistance. This newfound independence enhances their confidence and self-reliance, contributing to an improved quality of life.

    • Alleviates Carers Stress

    Live-in carers who provide dementia live-in care often bear the responsibility of organising and overseeing a dementia patient’s daily routine. The dementia planner alleviates this burden by providing a comprehensible framework that patients can follow. 

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