It takes a unique kind of person to become a professional Live-in carer. You need to have a compassionate nature, you must be able to work in a professional and discreet manner, and have to ensure that respect and dignity for the customer is maintained at all times. Above all, though, when you take on the role of a Live-in carer, you must be highly willing to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

What does a Live-in Carer do?

The aim of live-in care is to enable customers to be able to remain in their homes with as much independence as possible. You will be responsible for various tasks, including household management and personal care. You will typically be expected to carry out everyday jobs such as cleaning, cooking, washing and running errands, but you will also be delivering companionship to the person in your care – and this is often the most valuable form of support for those who are feeling isolated because of an illness or disability.

We can’t pretend that your role won’t be challenging at times, but the sense of fulfilment people gain from embarking on a career as a Live in Carer is often overwhelming. Caring for those in need is a truly rewarding experience.

To apply for a live in carer job with Independent People Homecare, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be eligible to work in the United Kingdom
  • You must be reliable and trustworthy
  • You must have excellent communication skills, and a fluent understanding of verbal and written English
  • You must be willing to live in a customer’s home in order to provide around-the-clock care

Live-In Carer benefits

 In return we offer an exceptional package:

Competitive pay 

live-in carers typically receive between £700 – £800 per week, depending on their clients needs.

Full support

Those who choose to work alongside IP Homecare will be guided and supported by our management team throughout their career. With a development programme at the core of your profile, we’ll make sure that you truly flourish with us.

Pension scheme 

We value your loyalty and commitment to your role, which is why we can support you to secure a building pension

Paid holiday allowances, or not, your choice!

We wholeheartedly believe that our staff should have the freedom to take time off without losing pay. Enjoy your own pursuits and with our support you can decide.

The flexibility to work when you want, where you want

We know that carers deliver the best care when they feel rested and fulfilled, and we’re committed to helping all of our network of carers achieve a good work/life balance. We offer various shift patterns in a wide range of locations to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? Join us and you’ll grow in confidence and ability as you take on exciting new challenges. Plus you’ll have access to the kind of rewards and support that make you feel special. (Let’s face it, we couldn’t do without you.) Ivy Palmer Live in Care is different. It’s exciting, it’s better. And we love it. We hope you do too. Make a difference…every day. For an informal chat call: 0330 053 5014.

Please note that we do not offer employment sponsership for overseas applicants

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