The Beginning of Sarah’s Journey with Cerebral Palsy

Sarah, a resilient young adult from the heart of Surrey has been supported by live-in care delivered by us for several years now. Her story, interwoven with the challenges of cerebral palsy, is a testament to the life-changing impact that a dedicated and experienced live-in carer can bring.

Sarah chose Live-in care to live independently with Cerebral Palsy.

Sarah was incredibly determined to stay independent but took a turn as her condition evolved. 

Balancing her successful career in a high-paying media role with the increasing need for support, she faced a moment that forced change: the decision to embrace live-in care. This step promised to uphold her independence in her very own home.

Making Live-in Care Work to Support Cerebral Palsy

In came a bespoke live-in care plan, carefully devised to align with Sarah’s unique lifestyle and aspirations. Her professionally matched live-in carer, Emily, not just a helper but a companion, became an integral part of her life, ensuring that every aspect of her care was as unique as her needs.

Emily helped Sarah with practical tasks like getting out of bed, dressing, and preparing meals, ensuring Sarah’s basic needs were met with care and respect.

Together, they tackled the physical challenges of cerebral palsy. Emily assisted Sarah with her prescribed physiotherapy exercises, playing a crucial role in maintaining her mobility and reducing muscle stiffness.

Emily’s presence offered more than physical support; she was a source of emotional support for Sarah. They spent time chatting, enjoying each other’s company, and sharing experiences, which was invaluable for Sarah’s mental well-being.

Managing Sarah’s healthcare was an important part of Emily’s role. She organised medical appointments, managed medications, and ensured Sarah received the best possible care. This relieved Sarah’s stress, knowing her health was in good hands.

Nutrition was key, and Emily made sure Sarah’s meals were both nutritious and suited to her dietary needs. Mealtimes were not just about eating; they were opportunities for Emily to encourage Sarah’s independence, assisting only when necessary.

Safety at home was paramount. Emily ensured Sarah’s living space was safe and accessible, reducing the risk of accidents and supporting Sarah’s mobility, whether through physical assistance or by helping with her wheelchair.

Emily also encouraged Sarah to engage in social activities and hobbies, understanding the importance of a balanced and enriching life. She supported Sarah in maintaining her social connections and pursuing her interests, vital for her sense of normalcy and happiness.

Importantly, Emily’s support extended to Sarah’s family. They trusted Emily, knowing she was not just caring for Sarah’s physical needs, but also supporting her independence and happiness.

In essence, Emily’s role in Sarah’s life was indispensable. She provided tailored, compassionate care beyond daily tasks, fostering Sarah’s independence, and enhancing her quality of life.

 The Heart of Live-In Care: Beyond Everyday Assistance

Nurturing Personal Independence

  • Sarah’s daily routines were transformed with compassionate assistance in personal care, upholding her dignity and comfort.
  • Each step around her home was made safer and more confident, with the carer providing discreet and respectful mobility support.

The Comforts of Home: A Shared Responsibility

  • Household chores, once a hurdle, became a shared task, freeing Sarah to focus on her passions and career.
  • Together with her carer, Sarah explored new recipes and culinary delights, turning meal preparation into moments of joy and creativity.

Sustaining a Flourishing Career

  • The consistent presence of her live-in carer meant that Sarah’s professional life continued to thrive.
  • From helping to organise her workspace to ensuring a smooth routine for virtual meetings, the carer was there, not just as support but as a pillar of her daily success.

A Life Enriched by Live-In Care

Sarah’s story is a vivid example of how live-in care can transform lives. More than just meeting her daily needs, it has empowered her to pursue her career ambitions and maintain her zest for life. The customised support has been instrumental in nurturing her independence, self-esteem, and joy.

The Power of Live-In Care for Cerebral Palsy

Sarah’s journey beautifully encapsulates the profound impact that compassionate, personalised live-in care can have. For those living with cerebral palsy, like Sarah, it’s not just about care—it’s about empowering them to lead fulfilling lives, deeply rooted in their homes and communities.