Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and by listening to the people we care for, we will improve our services and continue to make them safer and more responsive. We assure all customers that no-one will be victimised for making a complaint, and we encourage customers to instigate the complaints procedure whenever they feel that this is necessary.

We do not wish to confine complaints to major issues and encourage you to comment when relatively minor matters are a problem to them, such as receiving cold food, or being kept waiting without explanation, or being spoken to in a manner that they do not like.

All complaints and concerns will be taken very seriously and acted upon with fairness and impartiality. Any matters which disturb or upset a customer should be reported, recorded, and corrective action should be taken where possible. By listening and acting on feedback that our customers provide, we will be able to meet our aim of continuously improving the service that we provide.

How to make a compliment or nominate someone for recognition

If you would like to make a compliment or nominate someone for recognition, then please do so as it brightens our day when you tell us we are doing a good job! Compliments are valuable, welcome and important and enable us to:

  • Understand that our service is being provided to your satisfaction
  • Ensure your carers are recognised for their commitment and hard work
  • Influence our organisational and service development

If you would like to make a compliment or to nominate someone for recognition, then please email: compliments@iphomecare.co.uk or call: 0330 0535014.


Our complaints procedure

If you are dissatisfied with any part of our care service, then please talk to us. By discussing your concerns immediately, issues can usually be resolved swiftly. Please do contact our Care Partnership Team who will be able to discuss the problem with you and together you can agree the next steps. In the event that a solution cannot be found immediately, then our complaints process follows three stages which is outlined below:

Stage One
In the first instance, please contact our Care Parntership Team as many issues can be resolved immediately. However, if the concern is about this team, then please email: complaints@iphomecare.co.uk and a member of the senior management team will investigate your concerns.

Stage Two
If you are unhappy with the response or the complaint cannot be resolved, then an independent senior manager will be allocated. They will review the findings and outcomes from the previous investigation.

Stage Three
In the instance that the complaint cannot be resolved in stage two, an independent and impartial review of the concern and all investigations will be managed by someone at director level, who will make an informed decision on any further action required.