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Get Live in Care in your home across England, Scotland and Wales

Looking for reliable live-in care? Look no further than Ivy Palmer, an established award-winning care agency. We understand the importance of allowing individuals to maintain their independence and stay in the comfort of their own homes. That’s why we provide both around-the-clock live in care for young adults and Live in care for older adults living with a wide range of conditions.

As an award-winning live-in care agency, IP Homecare offers an extensive network of experienced live in care assistants who cover every town and village across the country. We take pride in delivering comprehensive and competitively-priced live-in care services that cater to various needs, including complex care and live in care managed by case managers.  We are proud to be members of both BIG and BABICM.

When you choose our services, you can rest assured that all our live-in carers are carefully chosen. We conduct thorough background checks, including police records and training verification, to ensure your peace of mind. Our focus is to provide responsive, high-quality carers who consistently exceed expectations. With Ivy Palmer, you remain in control of your care, with the assurance that you are at the centre of our attention.

Experience exceptional living-in care that supports young adults and addresses diverse conditions. Contact Ivy Palmer today for compassionate and personalised home care assistance.

You are in charge of your care and at the centre of control.

A dedicated 24/7 care agency who will help keep you or a loved one safe at home

When you choose to hire a living in carer from IP Homecare, you can stay in your warm, comfortable and familiar place you call home. Whether you’ve lived in your home for decades or for a short while, your surroundings are filled with rich memories, photos and belongings collected over a lifetime.

When you become ill you may need extra care and support – but that doesn’t mean you need to change your routine. Allowing carers into your home means that your regime and meals remain the way you like them. Your friends and family can visit, trips out are easy and your beloved pet can stay with you at home. Signing up with a home care agency and having a live-in carer means that your house is still a home, and fits like a comfortable glove.

IP Live in Care is a home care agency with a difference. We want to help you to be sure that you’re comfortable in your own home whilst receiving the care you need. Live-in care revolves around you or a loved one’s happiness, safety and independence. A live-in carer gives you the freedom and rights to make your own choices.  What’s more, quality of life and life expectancy are both proven to be higher with a private live in care assistant. Live-in carers provide care, support and companionship, and you do not share the attention of your own private Live-in carer with anyone else.

How can live-in care services make a difference?

In addition to the flexibility of live-in care, families benefit from the reassurance that there is another person living with their loved one, who is on hand to help in the case of an unforeseen need or an emergency. Your home care assistant can help support a wide range of care needs –  from general support such as meeting personal care needs, meal preparation, companionship and assisting with general household duties, through to more complex care requirements including nursing care.

Your live-in carer can get help you get the very most out of life. We can help find you carers who will support a wide range of complex care conditions, including (but not limited to) Alzheimer’s and dementia, stroke, multiple-sclerosis,  brain injuries  motor neurone disease and Parkinson’s disease.

And it’s not just older adults we help find carers for at home. We can also recommend private carers for live in support for younger adults 18+ at home, college and even university.


If you’re looking for a live-in care agency to help you find great carers contact us today. Alternatively, you can call us on 0330 0535014 to discuss your needs or to find out how we might be able to help you.