Hip and Knee Replacement Care Services

Here at Ivy Palmer, we understand that the rehabilitation process following knee or hip replacement surgery can be a demanding time that requires commitment and support. When it comes to knee and hip replacement aftercare, the first four to six weeks after the operation is when you’ll need the most support. Caring for a friend or family member can take its toll, especially when families are not close by. This is where your knee and hip support carers can help.

Knee and Hip Replacement Care at Home

With the help of your carer, you can help provide hip and knee replacement aftercare on a short- or long-term basis. Live-in Carers can assist with all manner of everyday tasks that might prove difficult following surgery, such as cooking, bathing, shopping and keeping the home clean and safe – but they’re also on hand to help you get out and about. A live-in carer can help you make the most of every moment, regardless of which stage you are at in your recovery.

Knee and Hip Replacement Exercise Programmes

As part of your hip or knee replacement aftercare, you may also be enrolled on an exercise programme. Your carer should be able to work with you to increase your Range of Movement (ROM) and the strength of your leg muscles, supporting you with encouragement to weight bear and mobilise as directed by your physiotherapist.

Pre-Surgery Rehabilitation

Many people find that the time leading up to surgery has resulted in their knee muscles feeling weaker than when it was a fully functioning joint. It is also clinically important to return the quadriceps and hamstring muscles to full strength after a knee replacement, as they act to help stabilise the joint as well as provide vital balancing information to the brain (known as proprioception). By returning the joint to full flexibility and strength, the risk of falls is reduced and confidence returns.

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

As part of your post-surgery hip or knee replacement, you should be prescribed a set of exercises specific to the procedure used and your needs. They may include weight-bearing exercises and other exercises either in lying, sitting or standing positions. If you choose home care after hip replacement surgery your live-in carers should be able to work with you, every day or as prescribed, to make sure that you have the best chance of a full recovery in the window of rehabilitation that follows when you are back in your own home.

If all goes well, you could be home in as little as three days following your surgery. If you’re considering home care after knee replacement surgery, we recommend that you speak to us as soon as you can, so that we can be ready for your discharge and prepare the ideal carer for your return to being an independent person – living in your own home.

If you would like more information on our knee or hip replacement care plans, we would love to speak to you about your individual requirements. Simply call us on 0330 053 5014 for more information on our live-in care services or to arrange a FREE care consultation or you can contact us via email.