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How to plan your discharge from hospital

Visiting a loved one in hospital can be traumatic and stressful. But knowing what needs to happen at the point of discharge can be equally challenging. We can help you when it comes to effective discharge planning. Here we will advise on how a discharge care plan is created and answer all your questions about discharge from hospital. Let us help you deal with the whole process.

Before leaving hospital

You can start planning your loved one’s discharge even before they’ve left the hospital. Firstly, hospital staff will carry out a discharge assessment, to evaluate whether your relative will need a care package after hospital discharge.
Next, the staff at hospital will ensure that there is a safe plan of action. They will make sure that:

  • The individual can get home safely and comfortably, with assistance provided if needed
  • The individual has a discharge care plan in place
  • The individual has any equipment or medicines they need
  • The individual’s GP has been notified about the discharge from hospital
  • The individual knows how to contact their district nurse

What if I’m not happy with the discharge plan in place for my relative? You’ll need to speak to the hospital staff who arranged the discharge plan.

The process of leaving hospital

When your relative is officially discharged from hospital, it can feel like a big operation. You want everything to run smoothly for your loved one, and with the right care, it can and should. Here are a few things they’ll need in place:
Make sure they know how they’re getting home. Have you arranged for a family member or friend to transport them or do they need an ambulance? Whatever your plan is, make sure that they are well looked after throughout the process. Don’t forget, it’s likely that they might need to rely on you for some physical help too.

If they need it, it’s worth checking if you can use a wheelchair or crutches for additional support, to make things easier and less of a strain for your relative.

Home care after hospital discharge

Effective discharge planning continues after they arrive home. It’s important to make sure that the following arrangements are in place, to make the transition out of hospital and back into the familiarity of the home environment as comfortable and safe as possible.

A few things to consider:

  • Do you have a copy of their care plan?
  • Make them smile by double checking they have plenty of their favourite nutritious meals in for their return home
  • Do you have the right medication your relative will need?

So, how can we help?

At IP Homecare, our team of compassionate, specialist carers can provide a structured care package after hospital discharge.

We’re not just a helping hand. We offer practical and physical support to help an individual get back to their usual selves again. We can cover it all, from a smile in the day to ongoing physiotherapy, because our team is led by experienced clinicians and physiotherapists.

Thinking about discharge planning from hospital to home?

If you’re starting to make plans for your loved one and perhaps you’re feeling a little lost, or worried, find out how our friendly team of highly trained carers could help with the process of hospital discharge.