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How private care can help with hospital discharge

Did you know last winter our NHS came under immense pressure with then Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt admitting it was “probably the worst ever”.

Accident and emergency services are as busy as ever, predominantly due to the growing and complex needs of our ageing population. One of the ‘bottle necks’ being securing elderly patients the right social care package. This means they have to stay in hospital longer and another person cannot occupy that bed which is where our Independent People Homecare private care at home service can help.

How our private care service can help:

  • Once you have decided to use a private care agency such as IP Homecare to help get your loved one home quickly, we’ll organise a meeting for a Care Manager to come to the hospital to do a FREE care assessment.
  • Once we have evaluated their care needs, we can then work with you to assess the safety of your loved one’s home. Discuss areas of risk: unsecured rugs, security of bars and railings, seating etc.
  • We’ll help hire the necessary medical equipment to add ramps, railings and other supports, hoists and toilet configurations
  • With the support of health care professionals, we’ll work out your care and support plan. We’ll discuss your loved one’s likes and dislikes (food, meal times, naps, entertainment, hobbies etc.).
  • We’ll also ensure the professional Carer’s interest and hobbies are a good match for your loved one.
  • Before your loved one is discharged we can arrange for the Live-in carer to meet them at the hospital or to be present in the home when your loved one returns from hospital
  •  Your professional Live-in Carer can also ensure there is plenty of food, drink waiting at home
  • We’ll continue to assess how the relationship is progressing and make amends to their care and support plan as and when required.

Please note: Each hospital will have its own discharge policy – the best way to find out what each hospital’s discharge policy is to ask for a copy from the ward manager or the go to the hospital’s Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS).

Let’s get your love on home safely and quickly. To arrange a FREE care assessment or for more information about private care please contact us