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Care Homes Can Be Lonely Places

Why Live In Care Is A Great Alternative

Elderly people can find care homes lonely and isolating, and often thrive with a live in carer back in their own property.

Caring for an elderly relative can be a real challenge, and when their needs increase, a care home can seem like the only remaining option.  Care homes offer round the clock care, and an elderly person’s relatives can drop in and see them. One thing that a care home isn’t though, is home. Moving an older person out of a property they have lived in for years is a big upheaval, and having to adjust to living elsewhere can be very isolating and lonely. So what other options are there? Well, live in care could be the perfect go-between.

It’s not just a physical move

Nobody wants to put an elderly person into a care home if they can help it. Sometimes though, the weight of having to juggle so much can just become overwhelming. After all, there is only so much you can do by yourself. An elderly person’s loved ones have their own lives to worry about too: family, work, friendships, school. However, it’s essential to think of the emotional health of the person who is being moved to a care home. Having to adapt to such a massive change can be scary, and the home itself may be a very lonely place.

A carer who has time to spare

Staff in care homes look after a lot of different people, and won’t be able to spend a lot of time with one individual. So an elderly person who’s struggling to adjust to a care home can become very lonely, only managing to get snatches of interaction with staff at irregular intervals. A live in carer couldn’t be more different. As they’re only looking after one person, they can be totally dedicated to their needs, and over time they’ll really get to know them well. So they can have really meaningful interaction as often as they like, keeping loneliness firmly at bay.

Familiar surroundings

Sometimes there may not be a care home that’s suitable in your local area, which means moving a potentially confused and vulnerable person to not just a new home, but a completely new area as well. This means being separated from friends and family, as well as familiar places and facilities. All of this can contribute to feelings of loneliness. Being able to stay at home and remain in your own community is possible with a live in carer. You’ll be able to have friends and relatives visit you, travel to places you know and love, and have someone caring for you who knows just how important those things are to you.

The best of both worlds

There’s no denying that staff at care homes do a fantastic job, but given the choice most elderly people would like to remain at home for as long as possible. In a familiar place that’s full of memories, they can continue to enjoy an active social life while being cared for around the clock. Their carer will become a friend too, and they’ll be happy to do anything from pottering around the garden to sharing a cuppa with their client. With the alternative being a very lonely prospect indeed, live in care really is the best option.