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Helping Young People Succeed At University

Live in care and PA’s for young adults

A growing number of our customers are young adults with disabilities, who we’re helping to achieve their goals.

One of our main aims here at IP Live in Care is to help people to live fulfilling, independent lives for as long as possible. While the majority of this work involves elderly people, there’s another side to our Live in care efforts that many people aren’t aware of. We’re really proud of the care we offer young disabled people. We work with people living with disabilities of varying severity, and we help them to live life just like any other youngster! Part of that involves going to university and embracing everything that comes with being a student. With the start of term fast approaching, here’s how we help young disabled people to achieve their goals.

A tailored, flexible care package

No young person wants to be subjected to the rigid set up of a care home. Being a young adult is all about making the most of your newfound freedom and independence, after all. Your live in carers provide all the support and assistance that a young person needs, but in a setting that’s familiar and comfortable for them. We look closely at each young person’s individual needs, and build a care package that’s tailored to suit them. So they’ll have a care regime that’s flexible but still covers all the essentials.

Boosting their confidence

One of the things that our carers are passionate about is building their client’s confidence through helping them to live independently. Sometimes it’s just the simple tasks that a young person needs assistance with; things like keeping the home tidy, preparing meals and all those little everyday jobs most of us do without even thinking. Knowing that they can keep on top of these with their carer’s help is a massive confidence boost, and a young person will feel much more capable of taking on extra responsibilities and hobbies while they are at university. With their carer there to put the kettle on or run the hoover around, they can dedicate time to their studies or spend an evening with friends. That’s what being a student is all about after all!

Someone they can trust

The carer will become a friend, and someone who really understands the needs that the young person faces. Our carers not only care for their client at home, but they can accompany them to university too. Spending so much time together will result in a great relationship, one that’s built on mutual respect and trust. We do our best to match our clients to carers that are suited to them, so that they’ll hit it off as soon as they meet. A young person will appreciate that relationship, as the person they are living won’t feel too much like a carer, more of a really close friend.

A vital support

The years a young person spends at university are incredibly formative, and they need the appropriate support while they’re there in order to excel. The same goes for disabled students, who need a little extra care and support but with that, are more than capable of doing well at university. Disability doesn’t need to be a barrier to learning, and it doesn’t need to be a barrier to living life as fully as possible.