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Supporting young adults with a disability at University

We don’t just offer Live-in care for the elderly

Having a disability doesn’t need to be a barrier if you want to go to University. We understand a disability is tough at the best of times. However when combined with the stresses and strains of university life, it can be completely overwhelming.

With the care and support of a Live-in Carer or PA we can accompany  or live with a young adult at University and help them make the most of their newfound freedom and independence to live life independently.

At IP Homecare, we’re really proud of the care and support we offer young adults living with a variety of conditions and with the start of term fast approaching, here’s how we help young adults achieve their goals at University.

A bespoke care package

A Live-in Carers or PA provide all the support and assistance that a young adult living with a disability needs. We look closely at each young person’s individual needs, and  build a care package that’s tailored to suit them. So they’ll have a care plan that’s flexible but still covers all the essentials.


Your Carer will become more than a health care professional, they will become a friend, someone who really understands their needs both physical and mentally. They are there to help with social trips and activities to prevent feelings of isolation and nurture the individuals’ well-being. In the long-term, your Live-in Carer or PA will become a confidant offering a compassionate ear to help boost confidence.

Though a large part of our carers’ role will be to assist in day-to-day tasks, such as tidying, cleaning preparing meals and administering medication. In the longer term, he or she will become part of the family, offering companionship and a compassionate ear to help the young adult feel confident, fulfilled and valued. Spending so much time together will result in a great relationship, one that’s built on mutual respect and trust.

Matching Personalities

We do our utmost to match our customer’s personality, hobbies and interests as closely as to carers that are suited to them, so that they’ll hit it off as soon as they meet. A young adult will appreciate that relationship, as the person they are living won’t feel too much like a carer, more of a really close friend.

Boosting confidence

Our Live in Carers or PAs are passionate about building their customer’s confidence through helping them to live independently. From cooking healthy nutritious meals, to keeping their home/room tidy – our Carers are happy doing everything in the home that is needed, this includes washing, ironing and hoovering and of course, all personal care too.

Knowing they have the support of a Live-in Carer or PA is a massive confidence boost, and a young adult will feel much more capable of taking on extra responsibilities and hobbies while they are at university and can dedicate time to their studies or spend an evening with friends, attend concerts. After-all, that’s what being a student is all about!

24 hour care and support

What makes live-in care so great is that it is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Live-in Carer or PA’s attention is focused solely on you, or a loved one and families have peace of mind knowing they are safe and well cared for.

At IP Homecare, we understand that living with a disability doesn’t need to be a barrier to learning, and it doesn’t need to be a barrier to living life as fully as possible at University with the support of a Live in Carer or PA.

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