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Alzheimer’s Tips for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can cause mixed feelings for those with a mum living with Alzheimer’s. It’s common to experience a sense of loss for the way things used to be and to feel guilty about what we think we should do, or how we think we should feel. Celebrating Mother’s Day reminds you of the mum you used to know, but now she forgets your name or who you even are, and that can be heartbreaking.

However this doesn’t mean the day should pass without being recognised, here are some tips and ideas to make the day special. (Don’t forget to take photos and video — as you can sit together and watch these at a later date).

Spending time with a mother living with Alzheimer’s


Gardening is soothing for many of those living with Alzheimer’s and has several mental and physical benefits. It engages the senses providing positive emotions that they may no longer experience regularly.


Those living with Alzheimer’s often are drawn to puzzles. Buy an activity book or a puzzle with larger pieces (to avoid frustration). Why not consider personalising a puzzle? Many companies now can convert your photos to puzzles of various sizes.


Buy a selection of textured paper and brightly coloured art materials – paints/crayons or felt tips. Draw a picture and encourage mum to participate see what she wants to offer in return.


Those with Alzheimer’s often have bursts of energy, and often respond to music. Buy a DVD of dance lessons and move along with them. If Mum preferred to watch instead of dancing then buy or download something she used to enjoy. If she liked ballet – then download or buy Swan Lake.


Download some music which she loved listening to from her past.

Movie night / afternoon

Choose one of her favourite movies which will bring back memories. Don’t expect to sit through the entire movie – however even a few moments of laughter or recognition of a familiar face will be enjoyable.


Make a special meal. Even if her appetite is gone, preparing a special food she used to like, perhaps something she used to make when you were young will bring back memories.


This is something you can do together — especially bread where you can knead and touch

Alzheimer present ideas for mum on Mother’s Day

Large wall calendar

Create a large wall calendar full of family photos. There are a number of websites and shops which offer this service and you can create very quickly.

Soft Toys

Those living with Alzheimer’s are comforted by touching soft objects. Anything with multiple kinds of fabrics will engage mum’s interest like soft toys.


Ensure flowers are a variety of colours and shape. Altered perception is common with Alzheimer’s, especially in the later stages of the disease. Monochromatic colours (black and white) can make it extremely hard for mum.

Voice Controlled Alarm Clocks with Reminders

A voice controlled alarm clock provides a recorded message every time your mum wakes up. You can either set up the alarm clock traditionally according to her routine or record a message that will sound a reminder for a specific task at that selected time. This will enable her to complete her important tasks even if you are not there to remind her.

Digital calendar clock

Ideal for those living with Alzheimer’s and/or poor eyesight. The time and date appears in large bold letters with a non-glare display and comes in 8 different languages. These are extremely handy as their sizeable display means that the time can easily be seen from various distance from the clock itself.

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