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How To Celebrate Mother’s Day When Mum has Alzheimer’s

Mother’s Day can cause mixed feelings for those with a mum living with Alzheimer’s. It’s common to experience a sense of loss for the way things used to be and to feel guilty about what we think we should do, or how we think we should feel. Celebrating Mother’s Day reminds you of the mum you used to know, but now she forgets your name or who you even are, and that can be heartbreaking.

But this doesn’t mean the day should pass without being recognised. If you’re wondering what the best Mother’s Day gift for Mum is if she’s living with Alzheimer’s, we can help. we’ve put together seven Mother’s Day activity ideas. Find out how to her Mother’s Day full of love and appreciation.

Don’t forget to take photos and videos, if she’s happy for you to – you can sit together and watch these at a later date.

How to make the most of Mother’s Day, with a Mum living with Alzheimer’s

1) Get Mum involved with gardening

Gardening is soothing for many of those living with Alzheimer’s and has several mental and physical benefits. It engages the senses providing positive emotions that they may no longer experience regularly.

If Mum enjoys nature, see if she’d like to spend some time out together in the garden. If Mum doesn’t have access to a garden, how about a walk through a nearby park? Buy some of her favourite plants, flowers and garden features ahead of time so that you can surprise her on the day.

2) Have a go at some Puzzles

Those living with Alzheimer’s are often drawn to puzzles. Why not buy an activity book or a puzzle for Mum and have a go at one or two together? It’s a good idea to buy one with larger pieces to avoid frustration).

Why not consider personalising a puzzle? Add images of the grandchildren and different family members to your puzzle online. If you’ve noticed that Mum particularly struggles with remembering family names or faces, this could be a nice way of engaging with her on Mother’s Day because the photographic puzzle might encourage chatter about her loved ones.

3) Get creative with some Art

Creative activities can be really stimulating for someone living with Alzheimer’s. Why not buy a selection of textured paper and brightly coloured art materials for when you visit Mum on Mother’s Day? Take some paints/crayons or felt tips, draw a picture and encourage mum to participate and see what she wants to offer in return.

4) Listen to music and dance

If mum is living with Alzheimer’s, you might notice that she often has bursts of energy, or that she responds well to music. Buying a DVD of dance lessons and moving along with the instructor would be a fun Mother’s Day to involce Mum in

Alternatively, if she prefers to watch others dance, rather than get up herself consider buying or downloading something she used to enjoy. For example if she liked ballet, you could download or buy ‘Swan Lake’ for her.

5) Set up a movie night or afternoon

This one is one of our favourite Mother’s Day ideas. If film used to light up Mum’s eyes, pick out one of her favourite movies because it might encourage memories and moments of nostalgia for her. Don’t expect her to ro force her to sit through the entire movie – even a few moments of laughter or recognition of a familiar face will be enjoyable. You might find she takes the lead on how much she’s like to watch.

6) Cook her a homemade meal

If you’re looking for things to do on Mother’s Day that involve food, making a special meal together could be a lovely Mother’s Day activity. Even if her appetite is gone, preparing a special food she used to like, perhaps something she used to make when you were young will bring back memories.

7) Bake a cake, or any dish of hers

Baking is something you can do together — especially if you’re making homemade bread that requires kneading and getting hands on. Research has shown that not only can cooking and baking activities help someone living with Alzheimer’s feel less agitated, but also brighten their mood because they feel more in control and independent.

My mother has Alzheimer’s…What Mother’s Day gifts should I get her?

Now you’ve got some ideas for things to do on Mother’s Day with your Mum. But how about gifts for someone with Alzheimer’s? Read on to discover five simple Mother’s Day gifts for someone living with Alzheimer’s.

1) Large wall calendar

Create a large wall calendar full of family photos.  Photographs and albums can help someone living with Alzheimer’s feel less lonely and is a way of providing comfort. Why not get your relatives involved and plan it out together.

2) Soft Toys

Sensory activities can bring out lots of memories for someone living with Alzheimer’s. One Mother’s Day gift idea could be to buy her a soft toy with multiple kinds of fabrics to engage mum’s interest and boost her mood.

3) Flowers

When someone is living with Alzheimer’s, it can affect their visual perception, especially in the later stages. They might find it easier to see brighter colours, but struggle to distinguish one item from the next if they’re in a room with lots of monochromatic colours, such as black and white.

That’s why the vibrant colours, shapes and scents of flowers can be very healthy for someone living with Alzheimer’s because it can be a great way of stimulating their senses. Buy her favourite bunch of flowers to make her smile on Mother’s Day, and know that you’re supporting her too.

4) Voice Controlled Alarm Clocks with Reminders

It’s widely known that Alzheimer’s often leads to memory loss. If mum is struggling to remember the little things in her day-to-day life, a voice controlled alarm clock could really help her.

You can either set up the alarm clock traditionally according to her routine or record a message that will sound a reminder for a specific task at that selected time. This will help her remember to eat and drink, when she should, take medication, or make phone calls, even if you’re not there to remind her. It might take some time for her, and you, to get used to, but it could prove helpful in the long run.

5) Digital calendar clock

Does Mum struggle with poor eyesight due to living with Alzheimer’s? If so, a digital calendar clock is ideal. The time and date appears in large bold letters with a non-glare display and can come in different languages. They’re extremely handy as their sizeable display means that Mum can easily see the time from wherever she sits.

We hope we’ve provided you with some inspiration for things to do on Mother’s Day with a Mum who’s living with Alzheimer’s, as well as some practical, simple Mother’s Day gift ideas.

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