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40% rise in elderly residents being evicted from their care home

A new report warns that care home closures have risen by almost 40 per cent in a year amid a growing crisis in social care.

The audit by the Association of Directors of Social Services reveals thousands of elderly residents, have experienced recent closures threatening the health of the elderly.

Figures show 148 care homes closed during the last year. 58 councils have seen residential and nursing homes go out of business within a six-month period, forcing the elderly and vulnerable into new accommodation

Why are care homes closing at an alarming rate?

According to UKHCA chair Mike Padgham, a respected figure in the health and care industry, quoted funding as the main issue…

“We have been warning for years that the £6billion cut from social care would eventually mean more and more care homes closing.

“For every home closure there are older and vulnerable people either forced to find somewhere else to live or unable to have a place.

“About 1.2 million people are now going without the care they need and unless action is taken this will very soon be us. We now face a further £2.3billion funding shortfall and that is going to mean more and more people not getting care.

Other factors are also involved. With an ageing population, the average care cost per person is rising. An increase in the National Living Wage together with the demand for care staff outstripping supply – care homes are relying increasingly on expensive agency care staff.

Live-in care – an affordable alternative to a care home

Before considering a care home we strongly urge families to try Live-in care. You can even trial our services on a short-term basis. If it does not work out then it is easy to escalate to a residential facility but it is sometimes hard to come back out of a care institution into your own home as independence moves further away.

Live-in care is also an affordable alternative to care homes. You do not have to sell their belongings and share a Carer with up to 20 others at night. They do not have to eat from a limited menu or wait until a disruptive resident calms down. Instead of becoming institutionalised, your loved ones will feel like a valued individual whilst receiving 24/7 support in the comfort of their own home. Our Live-in Carers will stimulate your loved ones during the day whilst ensuring everything is ok through the night.

We can help with wide a range of issues and can support very advanced conditions that may include Dementia, Brain Injury, Stroke, Multiple-Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.

Hospital discharge

Is your loved one in hospital waiting for a residential care home place? Did you know you can return a loved one home with the care and support of a Live-in Carer? At Independent People Homecare, we have a vast amount of experience working with hospital discharge teams. Your live-in care team will work closely with health care professionals and prepare their home for their return, ensuring all equipment is in place to support their recovery at home.

A Live-in care agency with a difference

You can trust us to keep you or your loved ones safe. Unlike other care agencies, we are professionals with years of clinical experience and can help with whatever you need. That may be just some short term care to help ease you back into independent living or it could be a more permanent solution.

Whatever you are looking for we can help. To arrange a FREE no obligation care assessment call us today or email: hello1715990415@ipho1715990415mecar1715990415e.co.1715990415uk1715990415.