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Activities for the elderly with Covid19

Coronavirus has had a big impact on how we should care for and help the elderly at home. But what happens if an older loved relative has to isolate? What are the activities for the elderly with Covid19 that they can in their own home whilst isolating?

During this social isolation period, it is particularly important that caregivers keep elderly loved ones safe at home.  To help those caring for their loved ones we’ve compiled a list of activities to help keep the mind and body busy during the coronavirus outbreak.

Top Activities for the elderly with Covid19

1) Gardening
If your loved one enjoys nature then spend some time out together in the garden. As the weather gets warmer gardening has several mental and physical benefits. Buy some of their favourite plants, flowers and garden ornaments online.

2) Puzzles
Did you know those living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia are often drawn to puzzles? Buy an activity book or a puzzle (Top tip:  buy one with larger pieces to avoid frustration). Why not consider personalising a puzzle? Add images of their family.  This is a great if they particularly struggle with names or faces.

3) Get creative
Why not buy a selection of textured paper and brightly coloured art materials online. Take some paints/crayons or felt tips, draw a picture and encourage mum to participate and see what she wants to offer in return.

4) Listen to music and dance
If someone is living with Dementia you might notice that they often have bursts of energy, or that they respond well to music. The power of music, especially singing,  unlocks memories and kickstarts the grey matter. So download their favourite music and sing!

Alternatively, your loved one may prefer to watch others dance. Consider buying or downloading something they used to enjoy. For example if they liked watching irish dancing you could download or buy ‘Riverdance’ for them.

5) Set up a movie night or afternoon
If your loved one has Dementia, pick out one of their favourite movies because it may encourage memories and moments of nostalgia for them. However don’t expect them to sit through the entire movie – even a few moments of laughter will be enjoyable.

6) Cook or Bake
Baking is something you can do together especially if you’re making homemade bread that requires kneading. Research has shown that not only can cooking and baking activities help someone living with Alzheimer’s feel less agitated, but also brighten their mood because they feel more in control and independent.

7) Reading
Reading is a great way to keep the brain engaged. It can also improve memory, reduce stress and  improve sleep.. It doesn’t have to be physical books either, try listening to audiobooks, they can immerse themselves in a well-told story or learn something new.

8) Exercise
The over 65s are the UK’s most sedentary age group, with many older people spending ten hours or more each day sitting or lying down. This level of inactivity leads to a range of health problems. There area a variety of exercise routines which you can do at home using a walker for stability or just focused on certain areas of the body such as the feet to reduce swelling.

9) Keep them connected
It may be months before alot of families see each other. Long stretches of isolation mean they need the support of friends and family more than ever. Research has shown that our brains react positively when seeing the faces of others especially family members so using technology such as Facetime and Skype can help families keep in touch.

10) Visit virtual museums and art galleries
Explore museums and art galleries from the comfort of your own living room. There are numerous interactive, 360-degree videos and “walk-arounds”. Visit the Natural History Museum’s virtual tour or the national gallery in London which has a huge collection of 2,400 pieces of art which you can view online.


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