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Live in care for couples

Does mum or dad now need around the clock care? Don’t want to split them up? Then consider a live-in carer.

For couples requiring extra support – or for one person within a couple who needs assistance – our Live in care for couples service means you have a Live in Carer who’s completely dedicated to your needs. Whether you need help with personal care, medical assistance or help around the home, with live-in care you can both stay at home in the place you love, with limited disruption to your lifestyle or routines.

Read Frank and Sheila’s story…

Frank and Sheila, both in their 80’s have like most couples of their generation shared most of their lives together in their home in Essex. However a few years ago, Sheila was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and Frank became her full-time Carer. They still went out and about together, however Sheila’s condition soon started to deteriorate. Their son John lived in Leeds and he became increasingly worried not just for his mum but for dad’s well-being as he had severe arthritis and after a  recent spell in hospital he was showing signs that he could no longer cope.

John contacted Independent People Homecare. Our Care Manager met with both Frank, Sheila and their son John and discussed not only their care and support requirements – but also the type of  Live in Carer they were looking for.  As they both loved natural history programmes – we matched them both with Donna, a Live in carer who had several year’s Alzheimer’s experience and also shared their love of natural history.

“I really don’t know what I would do without Donna ” Frank said. “Having a Living in Carer has made such a huge difference not just to Sheila but my life as well – I really didn’t want Sheila to be in a care home”

Live in Care for couples

We understand that your loved ones have grown to become two peas in a pod over the years – and they’d like nothing more than to continue spending their lives together, whatever they might face from one day to the next. Which is why Live in Care for couples is perfect.

As we age, managing a household and completing everyday tasks can become challenging, even if we are lucky enough to have support from a partner. And if one or both parties are experiencing physical or mental health issues, coping can become extremely difficult indeed. Our home care services for couples are highly experienced in looking after those who wish to continue living together whilst receiving specialist support.

Our live in care services can be tailored to meet the needs of those living with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, a Stroke, MS, a Spinal Injury or heart attack, and many other conditions that can have a profound effect on an individual’s ability to care for themselves.

We can offer our live-in care service on a short or long-term solution. Couples can expect to receive help with everything from personal care, washing, cleaning and cooking to accompanying them to the dentist, doctors or hospital

For more information or to trial our service on a short-term basis please email: or call us today to arrange a FREE no obligation care assessment.