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Keep Pets at Home with you with a Live in Carer

Growing older can sometimes be a lonely time, especially when close friends pass away or families aren’t able to  visit as much as they would like to. Some find it difficult to leave the house and participate in social activities as they get older, however there is one source of comfort that benefits our elderly loved ones – having a pet.

Pets make brilliant companions for elderly people, bringing a huge range amount of joy and warmth to their lives. Studies also show many health benefits of owning a pet, including relieving symptoms of depression and feelings of loneliness. Owning a pet helps older people focus on something other than their physical ailments and preoccupations about aging.

Do pets help with loneliness?

It’s a well known fact that pets provide companionship, with many domestic animals having evolved over time to become attuned to human behaviour and emotions. Owning a pet can help you feel needed and wanted – especially if you live alone. Elderly people often talk to their pets to work through their troubles, reducing feelings of loneliness and depression.

Health benefits of owning a pet

As well as providing vital companionship, other benefits of having a pet include:

  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Motivating people to leave the house
  • Providing a fixed routine
  • Reducing obesity
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Providing a sense of purpose
  • Emotional and physical security
  • Improving self-esteem

Helping elderly people and pets stay together at home

What happens when your elderly loved one requires full-time care and support? One of the most distressing propsects for elderly people if they are considering a care home is that they are unable to bring their beloved pet along with them. This is why so many families are now choosing another care option – live-in care.

Live-in care allows your elderly loved one to stay with their pet in the comfort of their own home, rather than face a future in a care home without them. With the support of a live-in carer, elderly people and their pets are able to stay together with someone there to take on responsibilities when they are unable to. This way older people are able to continue enjoying the benefits of having a pet, with extra support to take care of them when needed.

How can a live-in carer help elderly people and pets remain together?

A private live-in carer can help elderly people continue to enjoy the many benefits of owning a pet, providing professional support 24 hours a day. A live-in carer can ensure pets are:

  • Fed and watered regularly
  • Taken out for regular walks
  • Cleaned and groomed regularly
  • Taken to vet appointments when necessary
  • Kept safe and healthy

Why choose live-in care?

As well as pets making excellent companions for elderly people, there are many benefits of having a live-in carer to support your loved one in their own home. Live-in care is a relatively unknown care option that allows those who require around the clock care to remain living independently in their own home.

If you’re considering different care options and would like to keep your elderly loved one at home with their pet, please consider live-in care services from IP Homecare. To arrange a free no obligation care assessment or to trial home care on a short-term basis, please contact us today.